CVT Workshop, 2016

Workshop Flier

The 2016 CVT Workshop will take place at the Michigan League in Ann Arbor, MI on October 19th & 20th. 

The workshop will feature progress on research activities by faculty and students over the 2nd year of the CVT project. We are planning a variety of activities which will include discussion sessions, oral presentations, and a poster session.


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10/19/16 CVT Workshop at the Michigan League Ballroom.


Michigan League
911 N. University
Ann Arbor, MI  48109-1265

University of Michigan Parking Information

AGENDA (Interactive)

  • View talk slides and posters by clicking on the presentation title.
  • View the video presentation by clicking the “video” link next to the talk title.
October 18th  
1900 Welcome Dinner  Vinology
walking map
October 19th  
Michigan League Ballroom, 2nd floor (map)
0745 Registration, Concourse
Breakfast and Poster Setup, Ballroom
Demonstration set-up, Michigan and Kalamazoo rooms
0815 Welcome (video) Prof. Sara Pozzi, UM & Dr. Shaun Clarke, UM
0840 DNN Mission needs LTC Ben Miller, Deputy Director, NA-221, DOE
0900 Research & Development Priorities Dr. Michael Cai, Technical Advisor, NA-221, DOE
0920 CVT Year 2 Accomplishments (video) Prof. Sara Pozzi, UM
0940 BREAK 
0955 Thrust Area 1: Treaty Verification: Closing the Gaps with New Technologies and Approaches (video) Prof. Alex Glaser, PU &
Ms. Tamara Patton, PU
1015 A Ban on the Production of Highly Enriched Uranium (video) Prof. Frank von Hippel, PU
1035 Designing Next Generation Trusted and Non-Intrusive Nuclear Inspections: Opportunities for Collaboration on the Buddy Tag and Virtual Proofs Projects (video) Mr. Sebastien Philippe, PU Graduate Fellow
(student talk)
1055 BREAK 
1110 Thrust Area 2: Fundamental Physical Data and Data Acquisition and Analysis Techniques (video) Prof. Al Hero, UM
1130 Multi-centrality Graph Spectral Decompositions and their Application to Cyber Intrusion Detection (video) Dr. P.Y. Chen, UM Postdoctoral Associate
1150 Measurement of Correlated Data from Nuclear Fission (video) Mr. Matthew Marcath, UM Graduate Associate (student talk)
1210 LUNCH, Vandenberg & Hussey rooms
DEMONSTRATIONS, Michigan & Kalamazoo rooms
1340 DNN overview Ms. Anne Harrington, Deputy Administrator for Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation, DOE
1400 Thrust Area 3: Advanced Safeguards Tools for Accessible Facilities (video) Prof. Zhong He, UM
1420 Fissile Material Experiments at the Device Assembly Facility  (video) Mr. Michael Hamel, UM Graduate Associate, Mr. Pete Chapman, NCSU Graduate Associate Mr. Michael Streicher, UM Graduate Fellow (student talk)
1450 Data Compression and Analysis Methods for High Throughput Radiation Detector Systems (video) Prof. John Mattingly, NCSU
1510 Investigation of fundamental mechanisms related to ambient gas heating and hydrodynamics of laser-induced plasmas (video) Mr. Patrick J. Skrodszki, UM Graduate Fellow (student talk)
1530 Fast Neutron Multiplicity Counter: Development of an active-mode counter (video) Mr. Tony Shin, UM Graduate Fellow (student talk)
1550 Fitting the AmLi neutron spectrum for Monte Carlo simulations (video) Mr. Robert Weinmann-Smith, UF Graduate Fellow (student talk)

DEMONSTRATIONS, Michigan & Kalamazoo rooms

1830 ADJOURN, DAY 1 
October 20th  
Michigan League Ballroom
0745 Breakfast 
0815 Thrust Area 4: Detection of Undeclared Activities and Inaccessible Facilities (video) Prof. Milton Garces, UH
0835 Atmospheric Transport Modeling of Radionuclides (video) Mr. Matthew Krupcale, UM Graduate Fellow (student talk)
0855 Seismic monitoring for nuclear explosive testing: projects old (DPRK) and new (data rescue) (video) Prof. Paul Richards, CU
0915 BREAK 
0930 Air-Blast Modeling: Yield Determination of Small Near-Surface Explosions  (video) Ms. Julie Schnurr, UH Graduate Fellow (student talk)
0950 Development of a Radioxenon Detection System Using CdZnTe, Array of SiPMs, and a Plastic Scintillator (video) Mr. Steven Czyz, OSU Graduate Fellow (student talk)
1010 Research Highlights from CVT collaborations at PNNL Dr. Ray Klann, PNNL
1020 Research Highlights from CVT collaborations at LBNL (video) Dr. John Valentine, LBNL
1030 Research Highlights from CVT collaborations at LLNL (video) Dr. Scot S. Olivier, LLNL
1040 BREAK 
1055 State-Level Decision-Making in a Regional Model of Proliferation Risk (video) Dr. Meghan McGarry, UW Lab Scientist
1115 Thrust Area 5: Disarmament Verification (video) Prof. Areg Danagoulian, MIT
1135 Recent progress on physical cryptographic verification of nuclear warheads (video) Mr. Jayson Vavrek, MIT Graduate Associate (student talk)

LUNCH, Vandenberg & Hussey rooms
12:30 – 1:00, DAF planning discussion, Vanderberg room
12:30 – 1:00, LTC Ben Miller discussion with students, Hussey room
(Demos must be broken down by the end of lunch on this day)

1315 Timely Verification at Large-scale Gas Centrifuge Enrichment Plants (video) Mr. Mark Walker, PU Graduate Associate (student talk)
1335 Statistical Scoring and Benchmarking Results for Automated Isotope Identification Algorithm (video) Prof. Clair Sullivan, UI 
1355 Research Highlights from CVT collaborations at LANL (video) Dr. James Miller, LANL
1405 Research Highlights from CVT collaborations at SNL  Dr. Rob Tachau, SNL
1415 Research Highlights from CVT collaborations at INL Dr. David Chichester, INL
1425 Closing Comments / Student Awards  Prof. Sara Pozzi & LTC Benjamin Miller
LAB TOURS: Tour participants may leave there belongings in the Hussey room during the tour. The room will be locked during the tour.
1500 Departing Bus to UM North Campus 

Lab Tours
1) Dual Particle Imager, Prof. Sara Pozzi
2) Lambda3 Laboratory, Prof. Igor Jovanovic
3) Radiation Detection and Imaging Laboratory, Prof. David Wehe

1645 Return Bus to Michigan League 
1700 ADJOURN, Day 2 


DEMONSTRATIONS: All demonstrations will occur on day 1 of the workshop (10/19) only.
Presenter Name Description Location
Alexander Glaser, PU & Tamara Patton, PU Virtual Reality Demonstration Kalamazoo Rm.
Eric Becker, OSU Multi-channel processor, using a waveform generator to generate input signals, and displaying output on a laptop. Michigan Rm.
Mateusz Monterial, UM 3D Radiation Imaging with Augmented Reality Display Michigan Rm.
Meghan B McGarry, UW A Demonstration of Fuel Cycle Modeling using the Cyclus Nuclear Fuel Cycle Simulator Michigan Rm.
Zhong He, UM & David Isaac Goodman, UM Orion research group will demonstrate 3-D CZT detector technology pioneered by our UM group, and is being commercialized for applications in national security, medical and nuclear power plants. One Orion digital 3-D CZT detector prototype system will be on display and for hand-on experience by workshop attendees. Michigan Rm.
Milton Garces, UH Infrasound demo with haptics. Self-contained and self-powered in a chair-backrest form factor. Michigan Rm.
Tony Shin, UM Fast Neutron Multiplicity Counter for Safeguards Applications. Michigan Rm.


POSTERS: Odd numbered posters must be attended during the first hour of the poster session (1610 – 1710). Even numbered posters must be attended during the 2nd hour of the poster session (1710 – 1810). 
Poster No. Name Poster Title
01 Elizabeth Hou, UM
Graduate Fellow
Penalized Ensemble Kalman Filters for High Dimensional Non-linear Systems
02 Kevin Liang, DU
Graduate Fellow
Deep Learning for Complex Image Analysis
03 Yoann Altmann, UM
Postdoctoral Associate
Advanced analytic methods for neutron spectra unfolding and pulse shape discrimination
04 Bennett Williams, UM
Graduate Fellow
SNM Physical Dimension and Enrichment Characterization Using CdZnTe Detector Arrays
05 Charles Stephen Sosa, UM
Graduate Fellow
Organic scintillators and light collection
06 David Isaac Goodman, UM
Graduate Fellow
Gamma-Ray Imaging in 3D, Pixelated CdZnTe Using Stochastic Origin Ensembles
07 Emily King, UM
Undergraduate Fellow
Pulse Shape Fitting for Double Pulse Recovery
08 William Steinberger, UM
Graduate Associate
Timing Algorithms for Organic Scintillators Coupled to Silicon Photomultipliers 
09 Gabriel Sandler, UF
Graduate Fellow
Characterization of MC-15 neutron multiplicity detector response using MCNP6
10 Kyle Beyer, UM
Undergraduate Fellow
Pulse Shape Discrimination for Stilbene Crystals with Silicon Photomultiplier Readout by Bias Voltage  and Crystal Size
11 Patricia Schuster, UM
Postdoctoral Associate
Exploring Organic Scintillator Directionality: Theory and Applications
12 Kyle Weinfurther, NCSU
Graduate Associate
Microchannel Plate Characterization for use in a Single Volume Neutron Scatter Camera
13 Lazar Supic, UM
Postdoctoral Fellow
Imaging HEU with active interrogation
14 Marc Gerrit Paff, UM
Graduate Associate
Reducing medical isotope nuisance alarms in radiation portal monitors
15 Marc Ruch, UM
Graduate Associate
Proof of Principle Simulation of a Handheld Dual Particle Imager
16 Mateusz Monterial, UM
Graduate Associate
Single-View 3D Reconstruction of Gamma-Neutron Sources
17 Dr. Milos Burger, UM
Postdoctoral Fellow
Development of Plasma Diagnostics for Studies of Filamentation Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy
18 Mudit Mishra, NCSU
Graduate Associate
Frequency domain multiplexing of multiple organic scintillator detectors 
19 Nathan Giha, UM
Undergraduate Fellow
Prototype Printed Circuit Board for Readout of a Handheld Dual Particle Imager
20 Niral P Shah, UM
Graduate Fellow
Time Encoded Imaging for Nuclear Non-Proliferation
21 Fred Buhler, UM
Postdoctoral Fellow
Pre-Silicon Modeling of a Secure ADC for Treaty Verification
22 Robert Weldon, NCSU
Graduate Fellow
Stilbene Light Output Characterization and Channeling Effects 
23 Anthony Christe, UH
Graduate Fellow
Exploring Real Time Temporospatial Infrasound Analysis
24 Ciara Sivels, UM
Graduate Fellow
Radioxenon Modeling with MCNPX-PoliMi
25 Eric Becker, OSU
Postdoctoral Associate
Eight-channel Digital Spectrometer for Coincidence Measurements in Multi-element Detectors
26 Karina Asmar, UH
Graduate Fellow
Rocket infrasound signatures recorded with smartphones
27 Michael Howe, CU
Graduate Fellow
Improved Locations for Teleseismic Earthquakes using Surface Waves
28 Paul G. Richards, CU
CVT Faculty
Evaluation of a seismic event, 12 May 2010, in North Korea
29 Paul G. Richards, CU
CVT Faculty
On practical steps to extract seismic signals from nuclear explosive testing—underwater, in the atmosphere, and underground—from U.S. archives of analog seismograms
30 Ruaridh Macdonald, MIT
Graduate Associate
Extending the Privacy Funnel for Nuclear Warhead Verification Protocols
31 Shaun Clarke, UM
Associate Research Scientist
Lab collaborations and outreach activities
32 David Chichester, INL
Directorate Fellow
INL Resources and Capabilities to Support Nuclear Nonproliferation Research and Development
33 Ray Klann, PNNL PNNL – Your Nonproliferation R&D Partner
34 Ben Reimold, PU

Minimally-Intrusive Verification: A Fresh Look at the Buddy-Tag Concept


University of Michigan League Hotel

Distance to Workshop: 0 miles, onsite location

Rooms Available: 6

Rate: $135

Room Block: “CVT Workshop”

Phone: 734-764-3177

911 N. University Ave., Ann Arbor, MI  48109-1265


Graduate, Ann Arbor

Distance to Workshop: 0.3 miles, walking time 5 minutes

Rooms Available: 20

Room Block: “CVT Workshop”

Rate: $159

Phone: 734-769-2200

615 East Huron Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48104


Hampton Inn, Ann Arbor South

Distance to Workshop: 3 miles

Rooms Available: 20

Rate: $111

Room Block: “CVT Workshop”

Phone: 734-665-5000

925 Victors Way, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 48108

Booking Link: CVT Conference Booking Link – HAMPTON INN ANN ARBOR SOUTH


Extended Stay America

Distance to Workshop: 3 miles

Rooms Available: 20

Rate: $87 (studio), $92 (deluxe)

Room Block: “CVT Workshop”

Phone: 734-997-7623

3265 Boardwalk Dr, Ann Arbor, MI 48108


Fairfield Inn

Distance to Workshop: 3 miles

Rooms Available: 20

Rate: $111

Room Block: “CVT Workshop”

Phone: 734-995-5200

3285 Boardwalk Dr, Ann Arbor, MI 48108



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