UITI 2015

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National Nuclear Security Administration

June 2 – 4: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Fountain in the courtyard of the Michigan League
Fountain in the courtyard of the Michigan League

NNSA’s Office of Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation Research and Development (DNN R&D) will hold its annual University & Industry Technical Interchange (UITI) Program & Technical Review Meeting from June 2 – June 4, 2015 (Tuesday through Thursday), at the University of Michigan (Central Campus), Michigan League Conference & Alumni Centers in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The UITI 2015 review meeting is an opportunity to showcase the DNN R&D funded research projects from universities, small business (SBIR & STTR), and their laboratory partners to the broader nuclear security and nonproliferation community.  The Nuclear Science and Security Consortium, the Verification Technology Consortium and the Nonproliferation Enabling Capabilities Consortium will also be well represented.  UITI is an unclassified venue for stakeholders within the community to engage sponsored researchers, as well as a forum to stimulate collaboration, technology transfer and integration.  Over 55 technical presentations and 100 plus posters from a variety of disciplines will be presented including: radiation detection, advanced materials, remote sensing, safeguards and simulations, algorithms and modeling.  In addition, the Department of Energy (DOE) National Laboratories will each provide an overview poster of their DNN R&D sponsored research programs.  Representatives from U.S. government agencies involved in nuclear security and non-proliferation will be in attendance.

DNN R&D leads the NNSA’s investment in the research and development of new technologies that support the Nation’s nuclear security and nonproliferation goals.  DNN R&D advances technologies that detect and characterize nuclear weapons programs, detect the diversion of special nuclear materials and detect nuclear detonations.  Addressing these challenges are at the core of the office’s mission and the results enhance U.S. verification and monitoring capabilities supporting nuclear arms control treaties, and overall strengthen our national and homeland nuclear security.  DNN R&D sponsors research and development across all disciplines of nuclear science, nuclear security and nonproliferation. 

Universities, small businesses and the National Laboratories are key partners and play unique roles in enabling our mission.  Universities develop the next generation of nuclear security and nonproliferation leaders as well as address some of the most challenging aspects of novel technology and method development.  Methods and technologies proven at the university level allow the National Laboratories to progress these capabilities until they are adopted by operational enterprises or transitioned into private industry for commercialization.  Transparently and effectively linking universities with the expertise and unique capabilities of the National Laboratories represents the core of how DNN R&D mission objectives are met.   


Participation at this unclassified review meeting is open to all.

All attendees must be approved by the DNN R&D Office, and must register their attendance via the forthcoming May 2015 review meeting website prior to arrival.  Due to limited seating, there are no exceptions to this policy.

Government agencies and user community organizations are asked to identify appropriate individuals to attend the review, and forward names and contact information to Donna  Raziano ([email protected]) for coordination.  DNN R&D Program Managers will approve and validate additional personnel and personnel replacements.

National Laboratory POCs are requested to coordinate attendance from their respective organizations.  As a POC, please forward your invitees’ names and contact information from your respective National Laboratory to Donna Raziano.

Registration and Further Information

In early May, you will receive an invitation email with the agenda and website link to register online for the UITI meeting. Online registration is required for all attendees, including speakers, prior to arrival. The website will also contain meeting logistics.  

DOE Personnel/Contractors: This program review is considered a meeting since it is an annual “NNSA/DOE technical/business program peer review” and therefore excluded from the requirements of Interim Final NNSA Policy Letter (NAP TBA), Approval of NNSA Federal & Contractor Sponsored Conference dated 10/14/11.  In addition, this required program peer review meeting allows colleagues and subject matter experts to present and discuss the NNSA funded projects’ results and current status.

Hospitality/Meal Fee

There will be a minimal daily meal fee for continental breakfast, afternoon snack and beverages.  An optional no-host dinner will be scheduled for Wednesday evening, June 3.  Daily meal fees can be paid by credit card on the forthcoming registration website.  Meals are not allowed (“unallowable”) at meetings and therefore attendees on official travel should apply their daily per diem towards these meal fees.  

Oral and Poster Presenters

Detailed oral presenter and poster guidelines will be posted on the forthcoming website.  These guidelines will also be emailed to you by Donna Raziano prior to the website’s release.  Please refer to these guidelines prior to preparing your presentations and posters.

Review copies of presentations and posters will be required by your DNN R&D Program Manager from all presenters prior to the meeting date.


Blocks of hotel sleeping rooms have been reserved at the following hotels.  These rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis and therefore it is encouraged that you make your lodging reservations at your earliest convenience.  The government lodging rate in Ann Arbor is $105.  If you try and book your hotel room at any of the hotels below and encounter any difficulties, please email Donna Raziano so she can resolve the issue(s).

  • Holiday Inn($105 per night, offers complimentary breakfast buffet if booked in room block & one 22-passenger and two 10-passenger shuttles to & from campus)

3600 Plymouth Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48105

Telephone (734) 769-9800 and reference “UITI” for this government/special rate by May 11th

  • Hampton Inn North($105 per night, offers complimentary breakfast & complimentary one 8-passenger shuttle to & from campus)

2300 Green Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48105

Telephone (800) 445-8667 and reference “UITI” or go to our direct room block link at http://hamptoninn.hilton.com/en/hp/groups/personalized/A/ARBGRHX-UTI-20150531/index.jhtml for this government/special rate by May 17th

  • Hampton Inn South($105 per night, offers complimentary breakfast & complimentary one 6-passenger shuttle to & from campus)

925 Victors Way, Ann Arbor, MI 48108

Telephone (734) 665-5000 and reference “UITI Group” for this government/special rate by May 11th

  • Marriott Courtyard($105 per night, does not offer complimentary breakfast or shuttle service)

3205 Boardwalk Drive, Ann Arbor, MI 48108

Telephone (734) 995-5900 and reference “Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory UITI 2015” or go to our direct room block at Marriott UITI for this government/special rate by May 17th

  • Residence Inn($105 per night, offers complimentary breakfast but no shuttle service)

800 Victors Way, Ann Arbor, MI 48108

Telephone (800) 331-3131 and reference “Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory UITI Group” or go to our direct room block at Residence Inn UITI for this government/special rate by May 17th

  • The Dahlmann Campus Inn(On campus, within walking distance / $161 single/$184 double occupancy per night)

615 East Huron Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48104 / www.campusinn.com

Telephone (734) 769-2200 and reference “UITI Conference” or “Block 12829” for these special rates by May 1st

We look forward to your participation.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Thank you.

Donna Raziano

Meeting Coordinator

Phone (925) 422-8517 / Cell (925) 963-9553 / Email: [email protected]

Dr. David Beach

DNN R&D Nuclear Weapons and Material Security Program Manager

Phone (202) 586-0346 / Email: [email protected]

Dr. Arden Dougan

DNN R&D Nuclear Weapons and Material Security Program Manager

Phone (202) 586-5118 / Email: [email protected]

Dr. Victoria Franques

DNN R&D Enabling Capabilities Program Manager

Phone (202) 586-2560 / Email: [email protected]

James Peltz

DNN R&D Enabling Capabilities Program Manager

Phone (202) 586-7564 / Email: [email protected]


Dr. Bryan Broadhead

DNN R&D Enabling Capabilities Technical Advisor

Phone (202) 586-6522 / Email: B[email protected]

Dr. Marco Dicapua

DNN R&D Chief Scientist

Phone (202) 586-3937/ Email: [email protected]

Dr. David LaGraffe

DNN R&D Director, Office of Proliferation Detection

Phone (202) 586-1928 / Email: [email protected]