High school outreach 2018

The Consortium for Verification Technology (CVT) and the Detection for Nuclear Nonproliferation Group (DNNG) at the University of Michigan hosted four outreach events during the summer of 2018. More than 90 high-school students from throughout the U.S. participated in these activities.  

DNNG graduate students began with a presentation which included an overview on the basics of radiation and its known applications. Other activities included participation in hands-on lab experiments with plasma applications as well as a tour of the DNNG lab and various radiation detection equipment.

above: Student uses hololens technology to visually identify potential sources of radiation.

above: Students get an up-close view of crystal technology used in radiation detection experiments.

above: Charles Sosa, CVT Fellow, describes his research and displays the tools he uses for his experiments. 

above: Tony Shin, CVT Fellow, gives a lab tour to an enthusiastic group of high-school students. 

above: High-school students engage with a plasma sphere as part of the lab tour.

above: Ciara Sivels (photo left), CVT Fellow,  and Prof. John Foster, welcome tour participants before they engage in a series of plasma experiments.

above: Cooled air from dry ice creates a cloud of smoke.