Thrust Area 1: Treaty Verification: Characterizing Existing Gaps and Emerging Challenges

  • Lead: Princeton (A. Glaser); Contributing universities: all; Contributing labs: PPPL, ORNL, LANL

Thrust Area 2: Fundamental Physical Data and Data Acquisition and Analysis Techniques

  • Lead: UM (A. Hero); Contributing universities: UM (S. Pozzi), MIT (J. Fisher), Duke (L. Carin), NCSU (J. Mattingly); Contributing labs: LANL, ORNL, LLNL, SNL, PNNL

Thrust Area 3: Advanced Safeguards Tools for Accessible Facilities

  • Lead: UM (Z. He); Contributing universities: UM (S. Pozzi, K. Kearfott), UF (J. Baciak), PSU (I. Jovanovic); Contributing labs: LANL, LLNL, ORNL, PNNL, INL, SNL

Thrust Area 4: Detection of Undeclared Activities and Inaccessible Facilities

  • Lead: UH (M. Garcés); Contributing universities: Columbia (P. Richards), UM (J. Lee), UW (P. Wilson), OSU (A. Farsoni), Contributing labs: LLNL, SNL, LANL, PNNL

Thrust Area 5: Disarmament Verification

  • Lead: MIT (A. Danagoulian); Contributing universities: Princeton (A. Glaser), UI (K. Huff), Yale (F. d’Errico), UM (D. Wehe); Contributing labs: PPPL, INL, LANL, LLNL

Thrust Area 6: Education and Outreach

  • Lead: UM (K. Kearfott); Contributors: All institutions
CVT Management flowchart

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