UM Undergraduate Fellowship


Over the next five years, the Consortium for Verification Technology (CVT) will educate more than 80 Bachelors, Masters, and Ph. D. students with the talent, training, and commitment to meet the current and emerging challenges in the fields of nuclear nonproliferation, safeguards, and arms control treaty verification. CVT Undergraduate Fellows will participate in the 12-week research-focused program and will receive a $5,000 summer stipend.

Applications are due February 12, 2017 for Summer 2017 appointments. 

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University of Michigan Faculty

Professor Sara Pozzi (NERS)

  • physics of nuclear fission, fast-neutron multiplicity counting

Professor David Wehe (NERS)

  • radiation detection systems for arms control and treaty verification

Professor John Lee (NERS)

  • signatures from undeclared fuel-cycle facilities

Professor Kimberlee Kearfott (NERS)

  • chain-of-custody detectors

Professor Zhong He (NERS)

  • handheld/portable room temperature semiconductor gammaray imagers

Professor Igor Jovanovic (NERS)

  • radiation detection and lasers and optics

Professor Al Hero (EECS)

  • data acquisition and analysis techniques

To receive more information about these fellowship opportunities, contact

Dr. Shaun Clarke,

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