LANL Project 4

Title: NA-22 funded P-25 Muon Tomography Project

Mentors: Jeffrey Bacon, Matt Durham, Elena Guardincerri

Description: Imaging of components using various Muon Tomography detector systems: Typical tasks for student workers involve the design and fabrication of experimental equipment, using design programs such as Solid Works and basic hand tools, the operation and testing of experimental equipment, under supervision of LANL staff members.  Students will operate common laboratory equipment such as power supplies, oscilloscopes, and various instruments for radiation detection and measurement. Students will analyze physics data using commercial and custom software.

Proficiency in mathematics at least through college-level trigonometry.  Familiarity with design programs such as Solid Works, basic hand tools and common laboratory equipment such as power supplies and volt-meters. Acceptable academic majors and levels (UGS in bioscience? physics senior? Chemistry MS student? MBA student, etc.) BS in Physics, Nuclear Physics, or Engineering.

Duration: 10-12 weeks

Number of students: 2