Marc Ruch


CVT Graduate Associate

University of Michigan



Ph.D. Candidate, Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences at the University of Michigan, USA

M.S.E. Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences at The University of Michigan, USA, 2014

B.S.E. Chemical Engineering at University of Massachusetts Lowell, USA,2012


Marc joined DNNG in July 2012 after completing his undergraduate studies at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. As an undergrad, he spent two summers interning with the Radiation Effects & Nuclear Detection division of Raytheon IDS. Marc’s current research is focused on characterizing the performance of silicon photomultipliers coupled to organic scintillators and comparing their capabilities to PMT-based systems. Additionally, he is developing a radiation portal monitor based on organic liquid scintillators. Marc is a recipient of the Nuclear Nonproliferation International Safeguards Graduate Fellowship.