Kyle C. Hartig


CVT Alumnus, September 2014 - May 2016, University of Florida

Pennsylvania State University


In 2011 Kyle embarked on a five-year program to earn his doctorate degree in nuclear engineering at the Pennsylvania State University. His focus is nuclear forensics, nonproliferation, and remote sensing, specializing in remote detection of proliferation activities.

Kyle’s current research is on laser induced breakdown spectroscopy using ultrashort high-intensity shaped laser pulses—a technique that will enable analysts to identify materials and their isotopic makeup with little to no sample preparation. Kyle was a NNSA Nonproliferation Graduate Fellow from 2011-2012 at DOE/NNSA Headquarters in the Nonproliferation and International Security Office, and is currently a G.T. Seaborg Graduate Fellow at Los Alamos National Lab where he conducts a portion of his doctoral research.

Since 2011 Kyle has been a fellow in the Nuclear Forensics Graduate Fellowship program sponsored by the U.S. Departments of Homeland Security and Defense Threat Reduction Agency. For three summers from 2009 through 2011 Kyle worked as a nuclear engineer for the Department of Defense, conducting oversight of servicing and operations of submarine reactors at Naval Base Kitsap in Washington State.