Prof. Frank von Hippel


CVT Investigator

Princeton University



Frank von Hippel, a nuclear physicist, is a Senior Research Physicist and Professor of Public and International Affairs emeritus at Princeton University where he co-founded Princeton’s Program on Science and Global Security, the journal Science & Global Security, and the non-governmental International Panel on Fissile Materials.

He has made major contributions to advance the proposed Fissile Material Cutoff Treaty, the Global Threat Reduction Initiative and the U.S. decision in 1977 to abandon reprocessing.

During 1993-4, he served as Assistant Director for National Security in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and played a major role in developing what is now called the International Nuclear Materials Protection and Cooperation Program.

In 2010, he was awarded the American Physical Society’s Leo Szilard Award for “outstanding work and leadership in using physics to illuminate public policy in the areas of nuclear arms control and nonproliferation, nuclear energy, and energy efficiency.”