Prof. David Wehe


Chief Scientist



David K. Wehe, Ph.D.

S.E. (Nuc. Engr.), The University of Michigan, 1972

S.E. (Nuc. Engr.), The University of Michigan, 1973

D. (Nuc. Engr.), The University of Michigan, 1984

Professor Wehe has been involved in radiation detection and measurements for nearly 40 years.  Upon graduation from the University of Michigan, he spent five years teaching physics at the United States Naval Academy, followed by work as a consultant to the electric power industry on instrumentation and nuclear power plant reliability.   At the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, he worked on instrumentation for the high flux isotope reactor and applying physics-based approaches for estimating physical parameters.  Since joining the faculty at the University of Michigan in 1986, he has been actively teaching laboratory courses in Radiation Measurements, and performing research in radiation detector development and imaging.  He has served as the Director of the Michigan Memorial Phoenix Project, which included the 2-MW Ford Nuclear Reactor. His interests span applications in nuclear medicine, astrophysics, non-proliferation and treaty verification, nuclear forensics, and industrial imaging.  He has been named as a Eugene P. Wigner Fellow of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and has been awarded the State of Michigan Teaching Award for excellence in higher education.  Professor Wehe actively consults with industry and the national laboratories on instrumentation development.  He currently serves on the National Nuclear Forensics Science Panel, as Editor for the journals Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research and Nuclear Energy and Technology, and is the standing General Chairman for the International Symposium on Radiation Measurements and Applications (SORMA) series.   He has authored approximately 200 papers.