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The following projects represent examples of some of the potential internship opportunities this year.

2016 Projects:

  • Argon-37 Collection and Measurement System
  • Upgraded portable xenon calibration sample preparation system
  • Xenon International system
  • Radiation detection gas processing and analysis systems for explosion monitoring
  • Sensors & Signals research and development projects
  • Information Barriers project
  • HARD solids project – focused on Uncertainty quantification in complex models
  • HARD solids project – focused on LWIR spectroscopy
  • Emission Features of Laser produced plasmas from DU and HEU


More information is available at, including jobs and internship opportunities such as the National Security Internship Program (NSIP) at and the NNSA Graduate Fellowship Program (

In addition to internship opportunities, we also provide the Radiation Detection for Nuclear Security Summer School.  This 2-week course provides students with an understanding of nuclear security challenges and exposes them to technical foundations, analysis, and insight through a variety of hands-on activities.