Dr. Allen Seifert


Allen Seifert joined Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in 2004 and is currently a Senior Research Scientist in the Radiation Detection and Nuclear Sciences (RD&NS) group. Dr. Seifert received his Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Michigan in 2004, with a doctoral thesis focusing on sub-micron x-ray tomography. He has served as the PI for the PNNL LDRD Dual Mode Imaging project, the predecessor to the NA-22-funded Low-Intrusion Techniques and Sensitive Information Management for Warhead Counting and Verification project. More recently, Dr. Seifert acted as the project manager for the Information Barriers for Imaging venture, which served, in part, as a follow-on to that previous work. Over the last 10+ years, Dr. Seifert has done significant work in designing, constructing, characterizing, and optimizing the performance of PNNL’s Ultra-Low-Background Proportional Counters (ULBPCs), becoming a leading expert at PNNL in gas-proportional counters. Dr. Seifert has served as both a task lead and project manager for numerous projects involving the design and construction of an ultra-low-background shielding/counting system built specifically for use with ULBPCs and related application research. Allen currently serves as the Technical Team Lead for the Low-Level Radioactivity Measurements Team within RD&NS.