LANL Project 6

Title: Event-by-Event Fission Generator Code Comparisons

Mentor: Patrick Talou

Description: Several reaction codes and systematics have been developed in recent years to simulate the emission of prompt neutrons and gamma rays in a fission reaction on an event-by-event basis. Distributions and correlations in multiplicity, energy and angle of the emitted particles can be computed and analyzed as a function of different fission fragment characteristics such as mass, charge, and kinetic energy. The student will learn how to use the CGMF and FREYA Monte Carlo event generators, and compare the simulated results with each other and with newly available experimental data sets obtained at the Los Alamos Neutron Science Center and at the University of Michigan. Propagation of these simulated fission events into the MCNP6, and possibly MCNPX-PoliMi transport codes will be performed.

Duration: 12 weeks

Number of students: 1-2