CVT Workshop, 2015 Agenda

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The CVT Workshop will take place at the Dahlmann Campus Inn in Ann Arbor, MI on October 15th & 16th. You can view the full agenda below for a list of speakers and topics. The online agenda provides links to the presentation documents used during the workshop.

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October 15th, 2015

Terrace Ballroom, 3rd Floor

7:45BREAKFASTCampus Inn – Continental
8:15WELCOMES. Pozzi, UM
8:20NNSA OverviewMarco Di Capua, NNSA
8:40CVT Year 1 Accomplishments | videoSara Pozzi, UM
Thrust Area 1Chair: Alex Glaser
9:00Treaty Verification: Characterizing Existing Gaps and Emerging Challenges | videoAlex Glaser, Princeton
9:25Verifying the Iran Deal | videoFrank von Hippel, Princeton
9:45BREAK15 Minutes (Beverages)
 Thrust Area IIChair: A. Hero 
10:00Fundamental Physical Data and Data Acquisition and Analysis Techniques | videoAl Hero, UM
10:25Graphical Models for Query-driven Analysis of Multimodal DataJohn Fisher, MIT 
10:45Correlations in Prompt Neutron and Gamma Rays from Fission | videoMatthew Marcath, UM, CVT Graduate Associate
11:05BREAK 15 minutes (Midmorning w/snacks) 
11:20High-Throughput Radiation Detector Systems | videoJohn Mattingly, NCSU
Lab Overview I
11:40Sandia National Laboratories | videoRob Tachau, SNL 
Idaho National LaboratoryDavid L Chichester, INL 
12:00LUNCH and Thrust Breakouts – Characterize Gaps and Challenges 
(1 hr, 40 mins)
Lunch Buffet: Huron Ballroom, 2nd floor
Thrust Area IVChair: Milton Garces
1:40Detection of Undeclared Activities and Inaccessible Facilities: Monitoring, Situation Awareness, and Forensics | videoMilton Garces, UH
2:05Evaluation of a seismic event, 12 May 2010, in North Korea | videoPaul Richards, Columbia
2:25Radionuclide Atmospheric Transport | videoJohn Lee, UM
2:45BREAK15 minutes (Beverages)
3:00Radioxenon Detection via Beta-Gamma Coincidence technique | videoAbi Farsoni, OSU
3:20Fuel Cycle Simulation as Virtual CVT Testbed | videoPaul Wilson, UW
Lab Overview II
3:40Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory | videoJohn Valentine, LBNL
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory | videoDaniel Stephens, PNNL
4:00Group PhotoOutdoor Balcony, 3rd floor
4:10Student/Postdoc Poster Session & Reception (link to Poster list below)All
6:00ADJOURN: Day 1
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SAVA’S Restaurant

October 16th, 2015

Terrace Ballroom, 3rd Floor

7:45BREAKFASTCampus Inn – Continental
Thrust Area IIIChair: Zhong He
8:15CVT Thrust Area #3 – summary | videoZhong He, UM
8:40Fast Neutron Multiplicity Counter | videoAngela Di Fulvio, UM, CVT Postdoctoral Fellow
9:00Standoff Characterization of Nuclear Materials by Optical Techniques | videoIgor Jovanovic, PSU
9:20Chain of Custody Detectors | videoKim Kearfott, UM
9:40BREAK15 minutes (Beverages)
9:55Neutron Multiplicity Detection and Other UF Advanced Safeguards CVT Contributions Andreas Enqvist, UF
Lab Overview III
10:15Los Alamos National Laboratory | videoKaren Miller, LANL
Y-12 | videoCarter Hull, Y-12
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory | videoDaniel Decman, LLNL
10:40Lunch Session SummarySara Pozzi, UM
Thrust Area VChair: R. Lanza
10:55Disarmament Verification | videoAreg Danagoulian, MIT
11:20Zero-knowledge Neutron Detection | videoFrancesco d’Errico (Yale) and Sebastien Philippe (Princeton)
11:40Statistical Approaches to Radionuclide IdentificationClair Sullivan, UI
12:00SAR ADCs for the discriminating hostDavid Wehe, UM
12:20LUNCH     (1 hr, 05 mins)Lunch Buffet: Huron Ballroom, 2nd floor
Thrust Area VIChair: K. Kearfott
1:25Optimizing the CTBT Network Coverage of the IMS Radioxenon Gas Component | videoMichael Schoeppner, Princeton,CVT Associate Postdoc
1:45Experimental Campaign at the Device Assembly Facility | videoJack Linkous, NCSU, CVT Graduate Fellow
Mike Hamel, UM, CVT Graduate Associate
David Goodman, UM, CVT Graduate Fellow
2:10Temperature Dependence of Organic Scintillator Response | video
Novel Applications of a Compton Imaging Spectrometer | video
Tyler Jordan, UM, CVT Undergraduate Fellow
Samuel Frank, UM, CVT Undergraduate Fellow
2:30Forensic Analysis of Unscheduled Blasts | video
A Framework for the Collection, Analysis, and Verification of Next-Generation Infrasound Data | video
Julie Schnurr, UH, CVT Graduate Fellow
Anthony Christe, UH, CVT Graduate Fellow
2:50Closing RemarksMarco Di Capua, NNSA
2:55Closing CommentsSara Pozzi, UM
3:00ADJOURN: Day 2    

CVT Posters

Posters will be on display the duration of the workshop.

1Deconvolution of the Matrix Effect Observed in Laser-Induced Breakdown SpectroscopyKyle Hartig, PSU
2Penalized Ensemble Kalman Filtering for High Dimensional SystemsElizabeth Hou, UM 
3Improved Locations for Teleseismic Earthquakes using Surface WavesMichael Howe, COLUMBIA 
4Survey of Cyclus Applications for Non-proliferationMeghan McGarry, UW 
5Fostering appreciation for nuclear nonproliferation and safeguards through the Institute of Nuclear Materials Management student chapter at the University of MichiganMarc Paff, UM 
6Coincidence Simulation of a Two-Channel CZT-based Radioxenon DetectorLeila Ranjbar, OSU 
7Monitoring known and undeclared reprocessing plants with krypton-85Michael Schoeppner, PRINCETON
8Information Barriers Based on Enhanced Automated Isotope IdentificationMara Watson, UI
9Measurement and Simulation of Cosmic Rays Effects on Neutron Multiplicity CountingRobert Weinmann-Smith, UF
10Quickest Change Detection in Nuclear Fuel CyclesYasin Yilmaz, UM
11Safeguards and Monitoring Efforts at Pacific Northwest National LaboratoryEric M. Becker, OSU
12High Resolution Spectroscopy of Laser-Induced Uranium PlasmaPhyllis Morgan, PSU
13Neutron Cross-Talk Characterization of Liquid Organic Scintillators for Cross-Correlation MeasurementsTony Shin, UM
14Identifying Special Nuclear Material in a Complex EnvironmentKyle Polack, UM
15Characterization of Solution-Grown Stilbene for Nonproliferation ApplicationsMark Bourne, UM
16Research Opportunities at Y-12 Nuclear Detection and Sensor Testing CenterCarter Hull, Y-12
17Sandia National Laboratories Proliferation Detection ProgramRob Tachau & Peter Marleau, SNL
18Atmospheric Transport Modeling of Radionuclide ReleasesMatthew Krupcale, UM
19Using Exponential Fit Amplitudes as an Alternative Method of Pulse Shape DiscriminationEmily King, UM
20INL Resources and Capabilities to Support Nuclear Nonproliferation Research and DevelopmentDavid Chichester, INL
21Addressing DNN R&D Goals, Objectives, and Requirements at a National Lab with an Academic Culture and Driven to Solve Big Science Challenges of National & Global ScopeJohn Valentine, LBNL